Brooklyn Elkan, CNM

Brooklyn was born in Michigan and has been fortunate to live in California, Colorado, Minnesota, and Arizona. She worked her way through medicine by becoming a Paramedic, an RN, and now a board certified Nurse-Midwife. She has her BSN from Arizona State University and her MSN from Bethel University. Her background in emergency medicine helps her to stay calm when caring for women as their birth stories unfold. Despite taking the long route to Women's Health, it was always her goal. Watching the birth of her brother and sister as a teenager she knew that these are the moments you never forget.


Brooklyn enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter whenever possible. She finds joy in cooking for her family and friends. Her parents live nearby and they enjoy Sunday meals together after church. Brooklyn aspires to join mission trips with her church in the coming year. She is also lucky to have her husband's mother come to stay with them often. She tries to see her six siblings as often as possible as well. Her family is very important to her and she looks forward to helping women develop their own healthy family when they are ready, and staying healthy throughout their lifespan so they can focus on their own joyful moments.